What type of waterproofing do you do?

We’re a specialist remedial waterproofing company, very experienced in all aspects of waterproofing. We’re approved applicators/installers of most high end quality waterproofing systems. We tailor waterproofing system/solutions to individual situations, offer waterproofing solutions for all hi rise & walk up buildings & cover everything from rooftop to basement including balconies, internal & subterranean. We provide permanent solutions to persistent problems

Do you waterproof showers pans?

We choose not to waterproof shower pans.

Are waterproofing issues expensive to fix?

Waterproofing issues are too varied to generalise, many leaks can be fixed with isolated repairs, however if the existing system has reached the end of its useful life span then isolated repairs would be a waste of money.

Is your work guaranteed?

35 years of successful diagnosis & repair has given us the experience & confidence to guarantee our work.

How do I find a good and qualified waterproofer?

You should ask to see a Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) ‘Waterproofing Licence’. You should ask for evidence of a long standing track record of successful waterproofing. Maintenance waterproofing is a much more specialised field than waterproofing new buildings.